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18 Ways to Trick Your Body

“Tricks of the Body” is by far one of the most informative articles I’ve read in a long while. It contains 18 tips on how to easily control simple things like a toothache or a stuffed nose. It also explains why these things work by giving examples of research conclusions.

I was actually able to test one of the points as I sat at my computer. Number 14 deals with preventing near-sightedness. The author explains that you should close your eyes, tense your body and take a deep breath. Release the breath and relax your muscles at the same time. Doing this every few hours in a day spent concentrating on a computer screen can reduce near-point stress on the involuntary muscles in the eyes. When I tried it, not only did my eyes just feel better, but the slight, nagging headache I’d been experiencing all day simply disappeared.

I think my problem with this article is going to be remembering exacly what I need to do when confronted with one of these situations. There is so much information in this article that I could find myself going through the motions to quell acid reflux in an attempt to ward of brain freeze. Maybe I should print it out and put it on a string around my neck..


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