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Chavis Carter, Suicide? I Think Not!

First, I recommend that you read this story from the New York Times: The Curious Case of Chavis Carter.

Chavis Carter was with two other people in a car when police were called to check into their suspicious behavior. Chavis was questioned, given a quick search and placed into the backseat of a police car without handcuffs while the other two were questioned. During the initial search, police recovered what they estimated to be about $10.00 worth of pot on him and nothing else. After finding that Chavis had outstanding warrants, he was removed from the police car, searched again, handcuffed behind his back and returned to the backseat of the police car. In the second search nothing more was recovered. After the scene was cleared and the arresting officer returned to his vehicle, he noticed that something wasn’t right with Chavis. According to those on the scene, a left handed Chavis, shot himself in the right temple with a gun that had been reported stolen a month earlier, while handcuffed behind his back and locked inside a police car.

I can’t think of any scenario where this might even be remotely possible. Even if it were possible, we are expected to believe that the officer found marijuana on him during the first search and didn’t find a gun. The second search also did not recover the gun. Something is terribly wrong with this whole thing.

I don’t live very far from where this happened and our local news did a followup on this story last night. They reported that the gun powder residue was not tested because it was so obvious that this was a suicide, there was no crime committed and therefore, no crime scene to investigate. Excuse me! I would call this a mysterious death at the very least and I would think, it would be deemed a crime scene until the medical examiner ruled it differently.

I will be interested to see if this case is swept under the rug. I think the average person would be surprised how often things like this happen and are never dealt with. There are so many impossibilities and unanswered questions here.


Why Can’t I Be Just A Voter?

A long stretch of my voting adulthood was spent without being registered to vote. Just after my 18th birthday, I registered for the first time and was so proud that I was among citizens who could make a difference. I proudly went to the polls and cast my vote responsibly…knowing who all the candidates were and what they stood for. I took responsibility for my civic duty and felt very good about it…and then something happened. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I know it was something. I stopped voting.

Eventually I moved to another state and refused to register. Just under 20 years passed without a single vote from me. I gave no excuses. I just didn’t vote. Over time, I forgot why I stopped.

This year I registered again. I found a candidate that I believed in and decided to go full throttle in his direction. I got one vote in for him and he dropped out of the race. So, here I am, all registered and ready to vote in the presidential election and looking for a candidate to back. I’ve started reading up on what’s left of the candidates…what they’ve done, what they’ve promised…and I’ve discovered something. I’m expected to pick a box to crawl into and a tag to stamp on my forehead.

The “women’s vote”, the “black vote”, the “Hispanic vote”, Democrat, Republican, upper class, middle class, lower class…….What the hell is going on here?

First of all, I thought my vote was supposed to be secret! I have to choose to be either Democrat or Republican when I’m given a ballot but I’m neither. If I choose Democrat, everyone knows I’ll vote for Obama. Just give me a ballot with everybody on it and let me decide in the booth! I don’t care how long the ballot is or how long it takes me to sift through the names. Just give me the ability to vote for whoever I want!

Am I so shallow that I am automatically going to vote like every other working white female? Is there no room for me to care about the plight of a Hispanic male? I’m not gay or lesbian but their right to marry is important to me and could influence my vote. Am I grouped by that as well? If so, I’m on the opposite side of that issue from most of the people who surround my little plot inside the good ol’ Bible belt. How do they account for rogue voters like me? Am I just a “wild card?” There’s another label!

I guess the thing that gets to me most is the electoral votes. I understand the original reasoning behind this but get with the times people. There is so much corruption in this whole process that there is absolutely no way in hell that all those votes go where they are meant to go. Most of the popular votes don’t go where they should!

So, as I sit with my signature on my little voter registration card, I have a tough decision to make. Do I tear it up and refuse to talk about it or do I waste my time at the polls? I just want to be a voter! Just a plain old voter!

Life After Death

Life After DeathI have followed this story since the day those three little boys were found in West Memphis. It was a sad, sad day. Such a horrible crime and the person(s) guilty of committing it, still out there with the ability to do it again.

All these years later the situation has not changed. The person(s) who did this, still out there, somewhere, simply because someone, anyone, had to be held accountable…guilty or not. Instead of destroying only the lives of the three young victims and their families, that community chose three more young boys to destroy along with their families. Their only crime was that they chose to be “different.” The community plucked these boys off the street and branded them as murders because of the way they dressed, their interests and, I believe, their economic status. It was like  the witch hunts of the Salem days. They figuratively threw these boys in the water and when they sank to the bottom, proving they weren’t witches, they were left there to die.

Today, these three young boys are men, who have enjoyed a year outside prison after being released, but not exonerated. They were forced to enter a plea that in essence kept the state of Arkansas and other individuals involved, safe from prosecution for their false imprisonment. I can imagine that being a tough pill for these men to swallow after years of building frustration.

The so called “leader” of this pack, and the only of the three to be sentenced to death row, Damien Echols has written a book about his experience and their continued fight to find the real murder(s) and clear the names of these young men who were wrongly accused and imprisoned. His book, Life After Death”, is set for release on September 18, 2012. Even if you have no intention of reading this book, I urge you to buy it. Show your support to these young men and give to the cause of bringing the correct people/person to justice for the three little boys who lost their lives, the families of the little boys, the wrongly accused and their families as well. My copy is on reserve!

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