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A Very Guilty Christmas

I’m trying really hard this year to get into the Christmas spirit. The last few years have been very depressing and I had big plans to make this one better. Gavin just celebrated his second birthday and he’s just the right age for all the Santa Claus stuff to start making a little sense to him. I was on the right track….the tree is up, wreath on the door, musical snow globe in working order….and then all the horrible things started happening around me.

First there was the woman who went missing in our town on Halloween this year. She’s the mother of four…aerobics instructor…beautiful blonde. Her body was found two days ago…homicide. Then there’s the family who escaped their burning house unharmed, only to have their 5 year old son run back in for something. His Dad chased him back into the burning house and they are both now horribly burned. The mother of the family has lost everything and is now having to choose between her son and her husband in burn units in two different cities. Finally, today I discovered that the man across the street died from a heart attack on Saturday.

How dare I be happy this season with all of this tragedy and heartbreak all around me? On one hand I feel very thankful that my family and I are healthy, happy and have all the things that we need but on the other, I feel kind of guilty for having those things. I would give up my tree, and wreath, and musical snow globe if I could bring these families back together even if for just one more happy holiday.

The world is full of so much sadness….


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