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Guess I Really Do Need A Nap!

On the UC Berkeley News Center page there is an interesting article concerning sleep and napping during the day. Apparently studies have shown that taking a nap during the day helps to clear out the short-term memory in our brains so that we can begin to fill it again and be more productive. In their study, two groups were tested on their ability to learn, half with a nap and half without. Their subjects took a 90 minute nap around 2 p.m. and were much more capable at 6 p.m. than those without a nap.

I do believe naps would be beneficial in schools. Not just in the early grades but also in High School. I’ve been saying for years that the school day isn’t long enough. Our kids are packing more and more learning into this small amount of time. If a 60 minute nap would be helpful, why not extend the day by a few hours and let them sleep one of them away?  Even an extra hour of class, especially after a good nap, could make a real difference in the education of our children.

I think the most important thing on my mind is the length of the nap. I mean, if I convinced my employer that I’d be more productive after a 90 minute nap and he agreed to let me have one each day, I’d actually be adding 90 minutes to my work day or I’d lose 90 minutes of pay each day. How many employers are going to pay for me to take a nap? Most really don’t want to pay for a lunch hour! I do however want to run out and buy one of those blue and red kindergarten mats to fold up behind the door in my office, just in case I feel the need to do a brain dump.


Interesting Coincidences

I found an interesting article on called 6 Insane Coincidences You Won’t Believe Actually Happened. A few of the 6 deal with manuscripts written about circumstances well before they happened and with great detail. For instance, Morgan Robertson wrote a book about a ship called the Titan 14 years before the Titanic sank. The details in the book were very oddly similar to the actual event. Even down to the reason for the ships sinking and the locations.

Another tells about all the weird coincidences with air travel and astronauts from the state of Ohio. The Wright brothers were from Ohio as well as John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and 22 more including Jim Lovell. Is it in the water, the genes, or the smog up there? Who knows??

Another interesting point was the “July 4th Curse.” The Declaration of Independence of the United States was signed on July 4th, 1776 (actually just around that time) and there are a few really odd things that happened later on that same month and day of the years to follow. Three of our first five presidents died on Independence day. Two of them on the same day and year. Very interesting reading!!

The Death of Jack

I hadn’t thought about Jack Kevorkian in many years but today I was bombarded with stories about him everywhere I surfed. I think the first account of his death that I read today was from Yahoo News. I then surfed on and happened across another death announcement on the National Public Radio site. So, I did a Wikipedia search and found another.

I’m filled with mixed emotions about Mr. Kevorkian just as I was years ago when he was constantly in the news. In that same stretch of years, I’ve changed my point of view on many things but not this one. There’s a nagging itch in the back of my head that wants to say that he was just plain insane…but that’s only a small part of me.

For the most part, I believe he was a hero. Not only to his patients but a role model to the rest of us. I believe there was something very special about this man and it has absolutely nothing to do with the cause that he fought for. It is the very fact that he fought so passionately for what he believed in. We should all admire him for that. If the world had more men willing to stand up as ferociously and selflessly as Mr. Kevorkian, I believe our planet would be a much better place.

I believe another important thing to remember about him is that as he was performing this “service” to his dying patients, he did not act in a malicious way. He did the things that he did with only love and compassion. Most of us have had the misfortune to watch someone we love suffer a long painful death due to illness. I’ve seen this first hand twice in my life and watching someone waste away, in pain, is truly horrible. One of these people knew she would soon be leaving us and was ready but determined to fight until the very last second. It would have been a crime to take that away from her. Mr. Kevorkian’s ideas would never have done that. He would have only helped those who wanted his help. I believe I would want his help in that situation and given the opportunity, I believe he would have been there to help.

Those who fought so diligently against his cause fell into basically two categories in my mind; those who believed it was wrong according to religion and those who believed it was wrong due to the presidents it would set and the limits (or lack thereof) being stretched. To the latter, I say, If you can make it illegal, you can regulate it instead. As for religion, the patients themselves have the right to choose their own religious beliefs and if they choose to ignore religion in making that decision, it should be left to them. Not their families and certainly not the public or the government. For a country with separation of church and state, there sure are a lot of laws made based on emotions that surround religion.

RIP Mr. Kevorkian

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